Walmart bananas hiv

walmart bananas hiv

Feb 9, Even if they did, you can't "catch" HIV from eating fruit since exposure to oxygen and stomach acid kills the virus. Aug 9, I bought a bundle of bananas from the Walmart in Aberdeen tonight and injecting bananas with “infected blood” in order to spread HIV. Feb 8, No, @Walmart bananas didn't infect kids with HIV virus. . I hope you've stopped running that bloody banana picture because that literally. HIV cannot live outside the body this article and/or image is one of many that people make to try and create stigma and fear. Not sure why. Dec 1, HIV has killed around 39 million people to date, but making it more dangerous are the myths, misunderstandings and stigmas that surround it. Feb 6, The HIV virus has been "detected in Walmart bananas after 10 year old boy contracts the virus." Fake news is bananas by nature, but one particularly slippery claim is actually about bananas said to be infected with HIV. "HIV virus detected in Walmart bananas after 10 year old boy.