Banana peels in garden

banana peels in garden

Apr 19, Discover how to use banana peels as free plant food. Make your Want to save money in your garden and grow healthier plants? One of the. Can you use banana peels in the garden? In a word - Yes! This article shares 12 BEST ways to use old peels from bananas for improving compost, as a fertilizer. It's easy to chuck your banana peels in the trash after you've devoured the healthy fruit. But those peels can be a gift to your garden and plants!.

Banana peels in garden -

Trashing them seems like kind of a waste so why not recycle them instead — in your garden. Your email address will not be published. Cover with light, rich, well-drained soil and water, care for your seeds as usual. The Garden - "Banana Peel" (Full Album Stream)