Banana applesauce oatmeal cookies

banana applesauce oatmeal cookies

These Banana Oat Breakfast cookies are the best way to start your day! Ripe bananas, vanilla extract, cinnamon, unsweetened applesauce, dry oats, raisins. Adapted from Healthy Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies. Mash bananas with a fork and mix in peanut butter, apple sauce, vanilla, salt, and . May 3, Banana Oatmeal Cookies with Raisins are easy to make, healthy and an extra dose of sweetness, use apple butter in place of apple sauce. banana applesauce oatmeal cookies

Banana applesauce oatmeal cookies -

Add mashed banana, applesauce, eggs and vanilla. I was able to make 12 large cookies. How long do you think you can you freeze them for until they go bad? Really looking forward to trying. You know your kids will want to try these if you call it a breakfast cookie and tell them it tastes like banana bread. Could you juice fresh apples instead of the apple sauce? Recipe Rating Rate this recipe: Aug 30, Ingredients. 3 mashed bananas; 1/3 cup applesauce; 2 cups oats; 1/4 cup almond milk; 1/2 cup raisins; 1 tsp vanilla; 1 tsp cinnamon. Apr 19, easy oatmeal breakfast cookies are loaded with healthy ingredients and ingredients like rolled oats, applesauce, banana, nuts and raisins. Tracy Clark Davis > The New You Healthy Cookies 3 Mashed Bananas (ripe) c Applesauce 2 c oats c Almond Milk c Raisins or dark chocolate chips 1 tsp.